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Xperia multiplied!

It has been announced for a week and I just found out1 – Sony Ericsson is launching Xperia X10 in early 2010. Though likely they are trying to join in the “2010” number hype, one wonders if it is indeed 10x better than the predecessors in the same line.

Xperia X10

First look available at Engadget – quick review with pictures and videos.

Of course, it is based on Android. So for anyone who is a iPhone or WM fan, this announcement has no meaning. Then again, who knows. Tech-toys have grown to a state where nothing is truly irreplaceable or will last forever. The saying is so applicable in the digital movement – if you live long enough, you will see (insert some tech evolution that is not presently unimaginable). But I digress.

Back in Feb 2008, SE announced Xperia X1 with bells and whistles that dazzled everyone. Then as the year rolled on, HTC and Apple saturated the market and X1 began to feel like soggy old news. I am now fearing the same for X10. With Android 1.6, it has already fallen behind Motorola Droid which is on 2.0. SE will need to pick up speed or risk disappointing the public once again.

Except for the lack of a hardware keyboard, X10 has what I enjoy in a phone. I am a little concerned with the availability of user support e.g. XDA like. Hopefully, the community will sprout soon and fast. And one more thing, I don’t get the fascination of social-media-in-a-phone. It is not chicken biscuit, you know.

  1. Have been so caught up with Lumix GF-1 []

Shell out for SPB

Just when you think you cannot get more out of Xperia X1, hops along SPB Mobile Shell 3! It is in Korean but if you remove the Korean customisation (see thread page 2), the English version will be in force.

Widgets are not my thing1. SPB shell has always been decent in usability. This time, it gives a lifestyle spin to the UI using the widget concept in the main screens. The carousel view looks like HTC TouchFlo. If you are a fan of that famous UI, you should enjoy SPB’s latest too. On first launch, it is tad slow (~9s) but subsequently launches are smooth as butter.

Oh I finally loaded the growing panel. Cool application/panel but not useful. Excellent for showing what X1 can do but definitely not for daily use.

  1. I cannot even bring myself to load widgets on my new MBP []

O X1, where art thou?

It is really testing my patience! And it does not help that my head is hurting from yesterday clash-into-company-shuttle incident.

Xperia X1 was officially launched last weekend, have put myself on the waitlist, and still, no news. Everyday, I can only read about the mods and customisations on the forums. Driving myself crazy with a folder full of zip and cab that cannot be fulfilled to their full glory without the transmitter.

To the WOWers, congratulations on the launch of the Lich King. Back to the days of dreading Tuesdays!

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