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Has sex left the city?

When Sex and the city launched the movie 2 years ago, I was excited. I looked forward to the reunion of the 4 distinct personalities and the big wedding. Expectations were half-met. There were about 2 scenes that were exceptional. Other than that, there was mediocrity.

This year, the trailer for the sequel confirmed my fears. The show seems to have taken the unfortunate trek away from the original roots – 4 women with 4 perspectives, 4 varied strings of related-able problems, and 4 sets of fashion sense. Now, except for the hair colour, they dress and walk the same.

I adore the series for the writing. Character development is deliberated crafted. Dialogue and chemistry came first. Skirts and background furniture are secondary. Perhaps it is the nature of a feature film – distract the audience with glitz and a sad lack of realism for 146 minutes. Afterall, that’s all you have. 146 minutes opposed to six seasons.

Granted, I have not watched the sequel1. I do not have the the urge to run to the theaters because all the PR ra-ra is focused on the exotic set, trendsetting fashion, and brief appearance of Aiden. I wish they haven’t.

One can’t help but wonder – are they trying to recapture the magic or their youth?

  1. waiting for KrisWorld to screen []

Reunion in big apple

I paid little attention to the swaying skirt and shiny strappy (can’t afford or locate them anyway). The show grabbed me in the display of overflowing emotions on their enlarged facial pixels. Had never examined their expressions so much before. In fact, do not believe that was ever taken aback by the lack of airbrushing.

Still, when Charlotte held onto Carrie in that Vivienne Westwood, I know this is what it really means. It’s not about the romance. It’s not about the fashion. It’s not about the men.

It’s about not being alone, with your friends holding you.

If you have never watched the TV serial, the movie reunion may propose (no pun intended) several confusing connections. If you have watched the TV serial, it’s like watching 5 episodes in one sitting. A familiar feeling.

And if you don’t already know. It’s Celtics 1. Woot.