Tag: Nessun Dorma

None shall sleep

“People’s reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.”
– Edward Lewis, Pretty Woman

Opera in the (Botanic) Park

The turnout for Opera in the Park was so much bigger than that seen for Fall in love with Warsaw last July. Well, most were there for the free entertainment for their picnic and/or social networking. For the few, we held back rising to our feet when the emotions were elevated high on the B note.

I don’t know if I like Opera. I know I am in love with the emotions conveyed. I love how my goosebumps and breath foretell my reactions before I can sense it. I love the way I gaze at the performer with such detailed imagery in my head when I don’t know what he is singing about.

Dilegua, o notte! Tramontate, stelle! Tramontate, stelle! All’alba vincero!

It was a splendid evening. It was even greeted with our dear SAF pilots (i.e. NDP rehearsals).