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CHAT, you and youth in mind

Sometimes I wish I do more meaningful things. Well not that I am discontented with hours of sitcoms and coffee-lounging.


A friend has embarked on a great project for the youth. In the field of psychological practice, I cannot be prouder. Though secretly wished she had worked on this project few years ago, a friend could have used the assistance.

CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team) aims to promote awareness of mental health and to destigmatise mental illness. It is about providing “professional help when [one has] difficulty coping” with the daily stresses. So if you know of someone who can use some support (note: it is about the support and not just medical treatments) or you want to volunteer for the cause, visit Chat @ Facebook or YouthInMind.sg for more information.

They are having a launch event at the new and beautiful *SCAPE on 26th June 2010. Bet there will much chattering! Heh corny, I know.