Tag: Conversations

Excerpt #24

“Do you want to deactivate data roaming?”


“Ok, so you don’t want data roaming.”

“No. I meant, no I do not want to deactivate.”

“Ok. Do you realise that if you are not careful, your bill may be very high? You should know that we would not be responsible and we will not waive the charges.”

“Yes, I know.”


Approximately ten minutes later, I received a text saying they have carried out my instruction to deactivate data roaming.

Excerpt #58

“Hi, __ speaking.”
“Good morning, sir.”

(confused) “Eh who is this?”

“Hi sir, I am calling from __ bank . I want to share with you on our promotions, sir.”

(sighs) “Are you aware you are talking to a lady?”

“Oh! I am sorry, sir. It must be a mistake, sir.”

“What is?”

(engaged tone)