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Of trends and boxes

Of course, simple is good. Clean is always welcomed. But the pages are getting too similar. It is like, someone planned out the designs for the next 5 years and everyone bought that manual – Large boxes, medium-sized ones, and a whole lot of photographs with sanserif graphics. One night, I made that observation and the person whom I told it to simply raised the eyebrow and probably went “So?” in his head. Hence it was rather heartening to see someone feeling the same. I don’t mean that websites must be splashy and browser-cuttingly chic. As DK has aptly pointed out, one whole site based on flash is just not as friendly1. I am sure some can do more than boxes and rows without being over zealous.

Now that I think about it, perhaps it’s because consumers like the predictable?

Alrighty, heading down to Tangs Orchard to vote. Having slept for 10 hours, I feel that it is my responsibility to.

  1. I cannot link the source to this comment because the site is flashed. []

Blogathon, Singapore style

From sundown to sunrise, there is never a short of online activities.10 bloggers in Singapore will attempt to showcase Internet’s ability to keep one up all night. Well, up for full 24-hours in fact. The folks are brave, nominated and prizes included no doubt, to be in a potentially claustrophobic display along the main shopping belt1. Social media marketing (or whatever the latest terminology is) is catchy. Now it just needs it own theme song.

I wonder if the venue/outfit sponsor can consider giving away stuff to supporters/onlookers too.

By the way, apparently “-athon” is a right-able suffix. The aforementioned event is not to be confused with the non-profit organization that holds regular events to raise funds or awareness.

Will someone stop me from registering sic? Hmm.

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