Warm air across the ocean

Hope you’re happy and well. Miss you girl.

Almost randomly, a message from the one person who almost always manage a smile out of me with her generosity.

Ever so often, you get a little reminder that someone in the universe cares. Besides the blood related ones, of whom I suspect at times may be more obligated than genuine.

It is London calling. On the back of the Whatsapp technology. Well done.

My so-called social manners

It is the first day of school. The classroom is buzzing with eager chatters as the bright-faced teenagers in fresh uniforms wait for the teacher to arrive.

Two young girls greet and smile. One looks away, as she checks off the socially desirable act. The other chooses to strike up a conversation of the century. Checker politely responses, dotted with monosyllabic words. Having gone through the obligatory list of hobbies, Friendly fishes out a paperback from her bag and says, “Read this. It is very good.”

It is All Around The Town by Mary Higgins Clark. Checker accepts the gesture and starts on the book immediately.

And that’s where a potentially cheesy movie storyline splits into reality – I took that book only to stop the chatting.

Thanks to a five-year age gap, my sister was my source of everything during my formative years. My borrowed reading list at that time consisted of Reader’s Digest and Shakespeare. Regular fiction was not exactly my thing.

We did become good friends for a couple years. And I eventually confessed. She wasn’t offended but unlike me, she didn’t find it too funny. We did not stay in touch after leaving school.

The irony? I loved that book. I went on to read almost every book by that author.

Breaking (away from) Bad

As much as it is rough to imagine, I am actually glad that Breaking Bad is ending in this season. You know how a relationship can be glorious yet highly combustible? That’s how I feel about my attraction.

The show bothers me. It bothers me like a lover from whom you cannot get away. You stick around because you had good days and still love the regular ones. On bad days, you really believe you can pick up the mess and move on. It bothered me when Jesse still called him Mr White when he thought he had poisoned Brock. It was a moment of utter distrust and disgust and yet, not a whole lot had changed between them. Awakening.

Perhaps this is it. Our notion of a relationship is defined by the past, by the slate of memory when the bond was first created. It is this illusion that determines the lifespan, sustains it, and pieces things back. And yes, I do realise that it is just a television show. It bothers me, that’s all.

So. If it doesn’t end soon, the intensity of (whatever this is) will probably give me a heart attack.

Ruby Sparks

As the film credits rolled, I headed straight for the tiny bathroom and stared at my reflection for a long time. I still don’t know what came over me.

Maybe it is about the writing. About how it releases the tension. How you can be distanced from the emotions. In my dreams, I can do what I want but yet I don’t realise that I want that. It is this freedom and the happiness. Or maybe it is the possibility of forming an inexplicable affection for someone, even unreal.

Calvin had absolute control over Ruby. Yet he was happiest when she was just herself. She had no control and she didn’t know. Yet it didn’t stop her from being herself. This is perhaps the essence – having control can make you happy with the now, and only that. Having none does not mean you stop developing a semblance of worth.

This is the true and impossible story of my very great love… All the same, I cannot help but write this for her, to tell her “I’m sorry for every word I wrote to change you, I’m sorry for so many things. I couldn’t see you when you were here and, now that you’re gone, I see you everywhere.” One may read this and think it’s magic, but falling in love is an act of magic, so is writing.

Future of lost and found

For the longest time, I have wanted a ctrl-f function in my life. My real living life. I would be able to activate it each time I misplace something – that pen given to me before I left for UK, the ring for my birthday, the piece of paper where I wrote the email address, the camera, the umbrella, the bracelet, the earphones etc. I want to click/tap/breathe on something that will magically trace and bring me to the lost item.

I may also have watched Minority Report one too many times. Anyway.

Seems like someone out there feels the same pain, or at least know someone who is constantly confused with life’s black hole. At USD49.90, you can now tag your stuff and find it with Bluetooth.

After a user attaches a Stick-N-Find Bluetooth sticker to any object, they can check distance from the object using a smartphone application. In addition, the user can trigger an audible buzzer to hear the sticker as well as turn on a blinking red light housed within the sticker to see the object in the dark.

Of course, I can also learn to be more responsible and careful. Probably not as interesting.

(Credits to @wenjie for pointing it out.)

Difficult answer

“How was your flight?”

For the record, I enjoy flying. I like airplane food, even those served in the economy class. I don’t mind the small lavatories and I am still amused by the fact that everything is wrapped in plastic. What I do not like is being asked if I had a good flight. We sit in rows in a metal tube breathing highly compressed air. We get distracted by clouds, inflight movies, bellowing babies, and/or seat inclines. What is there to say about a flight?

When I respond that it is ok, the questioner often sound disappointed (Oh. Just ok?). Why do people do that?

We hit a slight turbulence shortly after reaching cruising level so the hot drinks service was suspended for 10 minutes. My Krisworld entertainment unit worked fine. Did you know they are already showing [the current blockbuster]? I had poached salmon and a warm crab salad, which were very good. Although the pushback was delayed, the captain made up time with strong tailwinds. He also landed the plane very smoothly and in one piece, hardly any bump. Also, no one stole my wallet and laptop and I did not spill anything on myself. I guess that is similar to my last few flight experiences. So yes, it was ok.

This always go through my head and this is probably why I am not the most easy-going person.

Excerpt #24

“Do you want to deactivate data roaming?”


“Ok, so you don’t want data roaming.”

“No. I meant, no I do not want to deactivate.”

“Ok. Do you realise that if you are not careful, your bill may be very high? You should know that we would not be responsible and we will not waive the charges.”

“Yes, I know.”


Approximately ten minutes later, I received a text saying they have carried out my instruction to deactivate data roaming.