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The day Google sends a warning

First, you are surprised by the restriction. Then you become confused with the multiple failures to reach the admin login page. Your frustration grows as the step-by-step sanitisation guide is more difficult than keeping cool in summer. Soon, you relent and log a support request with your service provider. 48 hours later, you feel upset that the cleansing action has not lifted the block. To make things worst, you found out that the database table for user access has been wiped out.

This site may harm your computer. And it is all because of this little statement.

If your WordPress-powered site happens to be inflicted with malware and you are feeling any of the above, I understand. The past week has been long for me too. Few things you can do to help relieve the pain.

  1. Log a support request with your service provider to scan and clean all instances.
  2. When that’s done, logon to phpMyAdmin to edit the admin password (look for wp_users). If you wish, you can use other methods to change the password.
  3. Secure your wp files (see Hardening WordPress)
  4. Resubmit your site to Google via Google Webmaster Tools

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In the land of online journals

Came across LiveJournal‘s birthday banner and realised that she turned 10 years old in November 2009. Fast rewind – LJ was launched a month before 2000 i.e. the demise of the computers and subsequently the end of the world. Heh. Since I was never an active user of LJ1, I immediately wondered about the online journal management that I did use – Diaryland. Guess what, it was introduced in 1999 as well! Unfortunately they have since deleted my account.

When I first started online journalling, it was my way of escaping the pen. I hate writing. Partly because I have really nasty handwriting. I hate the fact that I cannot read/understand my handwritten entries. But the funny thing is, I still have handwritten versions lying in the drawers.

But I digress. Online journalling is probably the best binary thing that I have ever ventured into.

In my search for the anniversary date of DL, came across this guy who thought that DL and ICQ should be among the pioneers of social networking sites. There. I don’t get it. Perhaps I am dense and not moving with the times. As far as terminology goes, Social networking really creeps under my skin. Why does everything on the web has to do with that? Still, I love the little timeline in the article. Not sure if he is the author of that chart, it brings a slight grin. Don’t know why.

º º º

All these talk about past, present, and the potential reminds me of the streets of yesterday streaming within the modern days.

Tai Kang Lu, Shanghai

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Regressing by a T

I have a bad web/tech habit. I hang onto memories of old stuff – flamboyant site designs (non-grid and creatively charged), people who write commentaries and document their lives (the word blog was not invented till much later), web awards that went beyond popularity, literally brick-like mobile phones, and Palm OS!


Decided to resync my Tungsten T and use it for the rest of 2009. It is well-deserved, after all, I couldn’t live without it between 2003 – 2006.

What are you hanging onto?

Thread(less)ing the iPhone

I was a fan of the cult tee, Threadless. Even though I did feel slightly cheated when I realised that they are sewn with threads. Eh, that aside, I outgrew them.

Anyway if you are rocking the iPhone (soon to have larger SG fan base by end of 2009) and simply adore the quirky designs of Threadless, now you can have both. Well two designs at the moment, I’m sure more will come. With the collaboration between Threadless and Griffin, you can be totally coordinated with matching tee and iPhone cover.
Threadless on iPhone

It can be a little weird, considering the cover looks like a mini-me.

Of trends and boxes

Of course, simple is good. Clean is always welcomed. But the pages are getting too similar. It is like, someone planned out the designs for the next 5 years and everyone bought that manual – Large boxes, medium-sized ones, and a whole lot of photographs with sanserif graphics. One night, I made that observation and the person whom I told it to simply raised the eyebrow and probably went “So?” in his head. Hence it was rather heartening to see someone feeling the same. I don’t mean that websites must be splashy and browser-cuttingly chic. As DK has aptly pointed out, one whole site based on flash is just not as friendly1. I am sure some can do more than boxes and rows without being over zealous.

Now that I think about it, perhaps it’s because consumers like the predictable?

Alrighty, heading down to Tangs Orchard to vote. Having slept for 10 hours, I feel that it is my responsibility to.

  1. I cannot link the source to this comment because the site is flashed. []

Blogathon, Singapore style

From sundown to sunrise, there is never a short of online activities.10 bloggers in Singapore will attempt to showcase Internet’s ability to keep one up all night. Well, up for full 24-hours in fact. The folks are brave, nominated and prizes included no doubt, to be in a potentially claustrophobic display along the main shopping belt1. Social media marketing (or whatever the latest terminology is) is catchy. Now it just needs it own theme song.

I wonder if the venue/outfit sponsor can consider giving away stuff to supporters/onlookers too.

By the way, apparently “-athon” is a right-able suffix. The aforementioned event is not to be confused with the non-profit organization that holds regular events to raise funds or awareness.

Will someone stop me from registering sic? Hmm.

  1. Follow them on twitter #bthon []

Dwelling in a song

I have the super-human ability to make every song into a theme song of any scene that comes into view, especially when I am on the move (on-board the train, car, plane or on foot).

For example. Along the highway, the music of Annie Lennox brings about powerful tossing emotions. I can see the male and female leads in the passing apartments, I can hear their rehearsed conversations, I can feel that long drawn-out helplessness.

Lately, I have been listening to Zee Avi. Not the album but the other songs that she is sharing on Youtube. I am watching one whole feature film in my head right now.