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Future of lost and found

For the longest time, I have wanted a ctrl-f function in my life. My real living life. I would be able to activate it each time I misplace something – that pen given to me before I left for UK, the ring for my birthday, the piece of paper where I wrote the email address, the camera, the umbrella, the bracelet, the earphones etc. I want to click/tap/breathe on something that will magically trace and bring me to the lost item.

I may also have watched Minority Report one too many times. Anyway.

Seems like someone out there feels the same pain, or at least know someone who is constantly confused with life’s black hole. At USD49.90, you can now tag your stuff and find it with Bluetooth.

After a user attaches a Stick-N-Find Bluetooth sticker to any object, they can check distance from the object using a smartphone application. In addition, the user can trigger an audible buzzer to hear the sticker as well as turn on a blinking red light housed within the sticker to see the object in the dark.

Of course, I can also learn to be more responsible and careful. Probably not as interesting.

(Credits to @wenjie for pointing it out.)

Fancy the HTC Desire HD

One of my odd habits – I don’t trade in / sell / give away / discard my mobile phones. Which translates to a cellular collection worthy of heirloom and/or museum status.


While I am still very pleased with the X1, I have been itching to get hold of an Android set. Since I am too lazy to use the XDA-way to boot Froyo on my current handset, I am very excited with the launch of HTC Desire HD. A quick search on Google and you will find loads of first looks, swoons, and most importantly, support.

Indeed, it is beautiful. Now I just need to work on my mental roadblock and get over the (frustratingly) lack of video-conferencing capability.

The day Google sends a warning

First, you are surprised by the restriction. Then you become confused with the multiple failures to reach the admin login page. Your frustration grows as the step-by-step sanitisation guide is more difficult than keeping cool in summer. Soon, you relent and log a support request with your service provider. 48 hours later, you feel upset that the cleansing action has not lifted the block. To make things worst, you found out that the database table for user access has been wiped out.

This site may harm your computer. And it is all because of this little statement.

If your WordPress-powered site happens to be inflicted with malware and you are feeling any of the above, I understand. The past week has been long for me too. Few things you can do to help relieve the pain.

  1. Log a support request with your service provider to scan and clean all instances.
  2. When that’s done, logon to phpMyAdmin to edit the admin password (look for wp_users). If you wish, you can use other methods to change the password.
  3. Secure your wp files (see Hardening WordPress)
  4. Resubmit your site to Google via Google Webmaster Tools

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Wireless@SG, the regular way

If you are not me, you are probably using Wireless@SG SSA. Regardless of what I do or what I don’t pretend to know how to do, my credentials simply cannot be authenticated. And on both Windows Mobile and Snow Leopard. It is a small thing but so frustrating and frankly, feels a little discriminating.

The promise of automatic, login-less access to wifi hotspots could have been the solution to my quiet resent for my 20MB data plan. Alas, it is not meant to be.

iLaugh a little

You know the Apple vs PC ads that we all love? Funnily imbalanced and totally effective. Given the track record, I am rather surprised that this same company who appears to be so onboard the train of competition humour cannot appreciate a comedian’s work. Though she had to ‘apologise’ for the tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the popular gadget, she definitely went down fighting. Heh.

Anyway if you have not seen Ellen’s parody of the phone functionality, watch it soon. Who knows when the “cease and desist” thingy may appear.

On a similar note, I enjoyed the Apple vs Blackberry ads. Of course, since it was formed in the rooms of highly paid ad men (and not from a comedian), it was just simple facts.

Xperia X10 hits SG

Xperia X10 is now available. For Singtel customers, you can get it from today. For M1 users, you have to wait for few more weeks. The pricing is not unexpected and, in my opinion, within a tolerable range. I do have an unnatural tendency to overpay for my mobile sets. Eh.

For more details –

While I am slightly disappointed that it is released before I can formally recontract my service, I am also glad as this will give them time to upgrade to Android 2.0 (or newer) and 16m colours when I am due for my new handset. Hurrah!

For commuters on WinMo: SBS Bus Guide

If you are like me, i.e. does not care about driving, have an unhealthy distaste for cab fares, and using a Windows Mobile phone, you will surely appreciate this nifty little application.

The SBS Bus Guide WinMo app is based on the iPhone’s. And the UI is sweet! It is versatile – you can search by road name, bus number, and bus stop number. You can preset your favourite (or regularly used) bus stops for easy search. You can use GPS to search for nearby stops. Well et cetera. Even though it doesn’t appear to be, it fits WVGA 800×480 beautifully. It does not yet support SMRT routes.

Query & Nearby / pictures from owner

I don’t wish to enter into the debate of mobile phone platforms. Had enough of it for the weekend. I am just pleased that I can be as updated as WiFi/3G takes me.