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Gushing for Lanvin @ H&M

Sometimes I am surprised by my sense of timing. By chance, landed self in Hong Kong just in time for the launch of Lanvin for H&M.

23rd Nov, Tuesday – work day and the flagship outlet was overwhelmed with well-planned chaos. Started at 0800, colour bracelets were distributed to early birds for a 10-mins grabbing stint. Just 10-mins. For folks who arrived after 1000, like myself, the advice from the loud hailer was – Please join the queue outside the store. Please note that by queuing does not guarantee that you will be able to buy anything. Read: Stock is low.

At 1215, a bunch of well-dressed&groomed persons (perhaps from Lanvin?) started to take apart the pale-skinned mannequins. By 1400, there was no sign of the designer’s footprint in the store. Outside the store, the brave and patient proudly showcased the white lavish paper bags.

Maybe next time, I will be more motivated to join the madness.

Films and over again

I cannot resist buying movies (on DVDs) that I think I will want to watch over and over, regardless of the year they were made in and the genre. My collection is, as a result, rather diverse.

Very pleased with the May’s stash from Amazon. Don’t be surprised but I have never seen the topmost movie and I am super psyched to relax with Wong Kar Wai once again.

Another stack for the collection

The Lost Room may be lame to some. I like it. It reminds me of the boggling escape from the Crimson / Viridian / White rooms.

Thread(less)ing the iPhone

I was a fan of the cult tee, Threadless. Even though I did feel slightly cheated when I realised that they are sewn with threads. Eh, that aside, I outgrew them.

Anyway if you are rocking the iPhone (soon to have larger SG fan base by end of 2009) and simply adore the quirky designs of Threadless, now you can have both. Well two designs at the moment, I’m sure more will come. With the collaboration between Threadless and Griffin, you can be totally coordinated with matching tee and iPhone cover.
Threadless on iPhone

It can be a little weird, considering the cover looks like a mini-me.

It comes alive

I swear. I gasped and did not let go of that breath.

The National Geographic retail store in Vivo City took my breath and well-spent 45mins away. Maybe it is the melancholic tunes blasting in my ears or the lighting, I literally did not want to leave too soon.

From the finds in the nature to man-made artifacts, it is indeed an experiential concept for a retail outlet. I stood in the photo gallery for a long time. Several times, I found myself smiling and dazed, as if I was standing next to the photographer. They have captured.

Note to self: Spend less time doing nothing. Go out and be injected with similar beauty.

Shopping season

Christmas, for the majority or minority of us, is a public holiday, an opportunity to apply for long extended leave and most importantly, presents an excuse to binge and shop.

I enjoy shopping and wrapping the gifts. This year, one of the target stores is Ikea. Trust me it will be an over-sized experience without compromising on practicality. Everyone should get someone a piece of Ikea this holiday.

The Pally Giraffe Company has stuff that will make gal pals really happy. I hope no one is squealing.

Phew, made it through. Post via my early Christmas present, X1!