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Express Papermache’d

This is almost funny. I know it is not to the Legal department of the express company. If one can build usable furniture from packing material and set up a .com website to publicise it, I am sure he can do more with his talent.

But I don’t care what agreement the shipper & shipping company may have, if its a box that’s shipped to me, I consider it my property. Because if they do think they still own the box after the delivery has been made, they’d better get over here and pick them up or I’m sending them the bill for expenses and labor used to properly dispose of their boxes. — shotfeel / Slashdot
It made me spurt my coffee.

Big blue wheel

What would you do if you’re crawling in traffic? I took pictures with my trusty Siemens S65 (hurray for 1MP phone cameras!). It was fun.

I think the traffic-induced-photo session beats the ‘flying experience’ onboard the Flyer, with more soil that I care to view for S$30.

SgFlyer SgFlyer

Hope the motorist(s) involved in the accident are alright.

Make love, be WoWed

Apparently, 9 million people cannot be wrong. I am almost 100% certain that there are more than 9 million people who are not subscribed to the digital magic of the World of Warcraft.

I do have a character in the MMORPG and after moving to level 5 (of 70), I am already developing carpal tunnel syndrome. That is not helping me to be WoWed over. I must admit – the graphics is amazing. The extend of the content is mind-boggling. The coolness of the company’s job positions is enviable! Imagine, you are paid to come up with weird names for each weapon, animal and cloud. Try stringing the names into a sentence, you will know what I mean.

Having said all that, I cannot stop laughing at South Park‘s take1 on Blizzard‘s ricebowl. Crude but witty!

Are you with the online sensation, or do you have a life and not understand a single thing that you’ve just read?

  1. Episode 1008 – Make love, not warcraft []

Save the feathers

I have never thought I will be proud that my shoe collection is almost exclusively from Nine West and Enzo Angiolini. They are on PETA’s list of compassionate merchants who use alternative material. Of course they do use cow hide now and then. Nobody’s perfect!

Having said that, I am still on the fence on the claim that “animals are not ours to eat”. Rather, I’m unsure of the purpose and effect on an individual’s resolution of turning from real meat to soya products that are made to look like real meat.

So if you’re into chicken, in particular KFC, maybe you should not view this video.

Hurrah for!!

Kudos, million and more to the engineers at!

It’s was a mind-blowing experience. Imagine drinking a slurpee at the speed of saying Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yes it was brain freeze! I’m now able to revive the zine that I was working on and of course recycle all the web layouts that I’ve used before. Glorious! The best part, I have the photos of the mindless trips that I went on over the year in dreary England.

Money well spent.