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Welcome onboard!

I don’t get myself sometimes. I become so obsessed, so deeply, and for such prolonged period of time. It truncates my attention span, diminishes my interest in routine necessity, and quite literally kills off my relationships. Yet, I do it everyday.

Well, yea. Back to Cabin Pressure.

John Finnemore (@johnfinnemore) writes like my college Literature professor who muses in her head in spectacular rhyme. He sounds like my 25 year old cousin who doesn’t want to leave school. And he looks like my neighbour. Quite serious.

Not that I know other alternatives, this group of actors has developed a chemistry that makes you root for everyone and also falls over at their shortcomings. Much like in Friends. I appreciate the sharp and satirical characterisation through wild imagination for stakes and bets and keen observation and reflection of the human behaviour. As a person who can recite regular cabin addresses from memory, John has truly added a fresh burst of zest to inflight entertainment.

Anyway, I am writing this entry only because I have inevitably left my iPod in the office. Riding out the hour long commute with regular radio broadcast is boring. So very boring.

While I won’t play yellow car or travelling lemon, when I do spy one, I will always feel like I have a secret. And the day I snap out of this, which I will, it would have been a fun ride.

None shall sleep

“People’s reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.”
– Edward Lewis, Pretty Woman

Opera in the (Botanic) Park

The turnout for Opera in the Park was so much bigger than that seen for Fall in love with Warsaw last July. Well, most were there for the free entertainment for their picnic and/or social networking. For the few, we held back rising to our feet when the emotions were elevated high on the B note.

I don’t know if I like Opera. I know I am in love with the emotions conveyed. I love how my goosebumps and breath foretell my reactions before I can sense it. I love the way I gaze at the performer with such detailed imagery in my head when I don’t know what he is singing about.

Dilegua, o notte! Tramontate, stelle! Tramontate, stelle! All’alba vincero!

It was a splendid evening. It was even greeted with our dear SAF pilots (i.e. NDP rehearsals).

CHAT, you and youth in mind

Sometimes I wish I do more meaningful things. Well not that I am discontented with hours of sitcoms and coffee-lounging.


A friend has embarked on a great project for the youth. In the field of psychological practice, I cannot be prouder. Though secretly wished she had worked on this project few years ago, a friend could have used the assistance.

CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team) aims to promote awareness of mental health and to destigmatise mental illness. It is about providing “professional help when [one has] difficulty coping” with the daily stresses. So if you know of someone who can use some support (note: it is about the support and not just medical treatments) or you want to volunteer for the cause, visit Chat @ Facebook or for more information.

They are having a launch event at the new and beautiful *SCAPE on 26th June 2010. Bet there will much chattering! Heh corny, I know.

Adapted book covers

Have you stepped into a bookstore recently? There are no originals anymore… well at least there are no books that aren’t made into a motion picture or west end play anymore. Okay, I am exaggerating. But go into a bookstore today and tell me if you don’t see actors/actresses on book covers.

I remember when I lost my copy of Girl, Interrupted. It is of a beautiful blue and grey colour. Then few years later, when the screenplay devastatingly undermined the original novel, now all you see is Ryder’s eyes. It was a sad day.

Original cover of Girl, Interrupted

Maybe I am being traditional. But I like my books without splashes of hollywood. People can buy the actual posters, no?

It comes alive

I swear. I gasped and did not let go of that breath.

The National Geographic retail store in Vivo City took my breath and well-spent 45mins away. Maybe it is the melancholic tunes blasting in my ears or the lighting, I literally did not want to leave too soon.

From the finds in the nature to man-made artifacts, it is indeed an experiential concept for a retail outlet. I stood in the photo gallery for a long time. Several times, I found myself smiling and dazed, as if I was standing next to the photographer. They have captured.

Note to self: Spend less time doing nothing. Go out and be injected with similar beauty.

t 4 3, and another round for all

If you are a jewelery-buff, and you enjoy the fact that you are not wearing a T-mesh ring like the rest of the world, you should check out t 4 3.

I mean, I am not especially style-sensitive (note: it does not mean I am a slob). Being a known klutz, I am not naturally drawn to jewelery as an accessory. I can appreciate the intricate work and frankly, the threesome, Serene Nana Shufen, has quite a collection. The latest Love is… collection is rather wearable, even for someone like me! One of the necklaces remind me so much of the piece I broke during a New Year’s party. It was a gift and it still bothers me that I cannot find a similar replacement. My only concern now is, will I break it again?

In case you are also a facebook person, their page is here, if the link works.


Always knew that there is a logical explanation to why I snack so much. Pop psychology or not, it is a fun table (developed by Dr Alan Hirsch).

Every description is positive :) Eat your way to a good personality!

Nuts : Easygoing, empathetic, understanding, calm, and have an even-keel nature Potato Chips : Ambitious, successful, a high achiever and impatient with less than the best
Corn Chips : A perfectionist, punctual, conservative, responsible and have high expectations
Twisties or
Cheezels :
Conscientious, principled, proper, fair, plan ahead, love order, have great integrity but can seem rigid
Pretzels : Lively, easily bored with routine, flirtatious, intuitive, may overcommit to projects
Popcorn : Take-charge, pitches in often, modest, self-confident but not a show-off
Crackers : Rational, logical, contemplative, shy, prefers time alone.