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Night at the A&E

The A&E department is rather unlike hotels and airlines. You do not get special treatment even if you are a regular customer.

It is odd how everyone gets paranoid about their information. Big brother is watching, they say. When you are wheeled into the A&E, you only wish the brother is there to fill in the blanks so that you don’t have to whimper and yell at the same time. And while trying to hold back the vomit. It is not a pretty sight – something I am sure they are used to but not something a commoner enjoys.

As you try your hardest not to pass out from the pain1, you grind your tongue each time (7 to be exact) you have to repeat your name, identity number, the time the vomiting started, the time the pain started, the number of times this had happened, and the preceding events to 4 different persons. Yes, 7 times to 4 persons. Someone must not be too keen. When your temperature is taken 3 times within 2 minutes because it is not recorded and you are man-handled to change into the gown despite having no ability to move beyond the fetal position, you wish you will just pass out.

Alas, the needles show themselves. You have grown to love the needles and the clear liquid as you adapt to the patterns of the attacks and treatment. Then the strangest thing happened – It will take about 30 minutes to take effect. You want to roll your eyes to show your disbelief but they are already rolled from all the ‘excitement’. 30 minutes! Of course, it may be an exaggeration. It must be. There is no way they will do this to someone who is on the brink of begging for mercy. No idea for what and from whom but nonetheless. 30 minutes later, you realise it is not a joke.

The Recovery section must have drugs in the air2. They expect everyone to take in the stillness sensation and be cosmically at peace. As you wave your arms to grab attention, the stolen glances turn from nonchalant to displeasure. You wonder why. You are giddy because you won’t lie down! I have already called for the doctor! Ah. You are a nuisance. You begin to wonder if the pain and the less than performing drug are causing hallucinations. More minutes passed and the refusal to approach or even offer eye contact drive your pain from the gastro region to the head.

Doctor’s arrival presents first and final relief. The fine veins have always been a problem. 3 bruisers and 2 hours after admission, the intravenous drugs and saline send you into a shallow but much needed sleep. It is one of the days you don’t care that you are sleeping with sweat-soaked hair.

Worst attack ever. Unfortunately, the worst hospital experience too. And mind you, I went through a gastroscopy without sedation. This is the worst.

I miss AH A&E.

  1. I still cannot differentiate between “pulling” and “stabbing” so don’t start with me []
  2. Think Hound of Baskervilles of BBC Sherlock []

CHAT, you and youth in mind

Sometimes I wish I do more meaningful things. Well not that I am discontented with hours of sitcoms and coffee-lounging.


A friend has embarked on a great project for the youth. In the field of psychological practice, I cannot be prouder. Though secretly wished she had worked on this project few years ago, a friend could have used the assistance.

CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team) aims to promote awareness of mental health and to destigmatise mental illness. It is about providing “professional help when [one has] difficulty coping” with the daily stresses. So if you know of someone who can use some support (note: it is about the support and not just medical treatments) or you want to volunteer for the cause, visit Chat @ Facebook or for more information.

They are having a launch event at the new and beautiful *SCAPE on 26th June 2010. Bet there will much chattering! Heh corny, I know.

I won’t be an alcoholic

I have alcohol flush reaction. After two sips of wine, my neck will be blotching. Soon, the capillaries in my arms, eyes, and face will be fully dilated, my pulse will be racing, and every single pore will exhale alcoholic scent. And that happens after just 1 glass of smooth port.

Now that you know a random fact about me, you can understand why it would upset me when a research claims that women who drink moderately less likely to gain weight. Of course, the research is really linking alcohol intake with food consumption. People who drink more, eat less, and hence lose weight. Hmm. Misleading and convoluting statement aside, I am not pleased that I cannot make use of this piece of research as a reason to indulge in the grape-y drinks.

Cab drivers need to stop asking if I am drunk. I will stick to tap water.

Do you have the proof, Mr H1N1 Vaccine?

I am not an early adopter. I love gadgets, destinations, books, and many other things as much as the fanatics do. However, I also procrastinate. I don’t buy into anything too early. They need to prove themselves first1.

Since the H1N1 outbreak, I have been taking special precautions whenever I travel. Despite the discomfort of surgical masks onboard the flights and the unflattering minty taste of hand sanitizer on my food, I have always refused to be vaccinated. People think I am paranoid. Well, at least I know Areya agrees with me.

Someone is offering a cash reward for anyone who can provide scientific proof that the vaccine does what it claims to do i.e. safe for all and effective in reducing death rate. The rules of validity and reliability of the research work are clearly outlined. In the spirit of supporting human triumph, I shall root for the promoters who are frantically trying to prove to the world. Can you do that in two months?

[Sidetrack] I believe I had caught the H1N1 virus in Beijing, back in October 2009. If you don’t believe me, please ask the Concierge. He can vouch for my pain and suffering from the worst flu I ever had. He was also very pleased when I checked-out of the hotel…

  1. Yes, I am sick this way []

Catching on

Thanks to Jasmin (@fancypiece), Twitter has made my workday less productive. No seriously, updates are fun, especially if you are one who can sit in a cafe for hours just to follow a saga (read: #awaresg). It’s like catching the blue bird flu.

On a flu-related note, H1N1 has made history. It’s officially a pandemic season. Gotta get more masks and wipes for the upcoming trip(s).

This post is made to test twittertools. Ignore at your convenience.

Seasonal flu greeting

It is always a joyful moment when the plane touches down safely. I enjoy seeing the spoilers flapping about. The brisk walk to the immigration checkpoint is often uneventful and something you don’t really register in your head.

But it is afterall the season for flu. With the alert on H1N1, it won’t be an overseas trip if there is no heightened health checks. I was actually surprised not to see masked super-serious-officers behind the desks. It is one thing to scrutinise the declaration forms, it is another to ask passengers to queue amongst hundreds of people in an overcrowded and poorly ventilated area for 45mins. It cannot be healthy. If the carrier sneezes carelessly, it would be santa-in-disneyland for the virus!

Plus it does not help when you overhear, “Have we sent the 2 persons to the hospital?”

Remember the misplaced

Many of my friends will gladly testify that I have problems with my memory, balance, and hearing. Apparently it bothers them a fair bit.

Tackling it one at a time, shall we?

I am sure that my memory lapses is not clinical as none of the following1 applies.

1. Does the memory loss disrupt daily living?
2. How often do memory lapses occur?
3. What kinds of things are being forgotten?
4. Are there signs of confusion?
5. Is the memory loss getting worse?

The website also listed the possible causes of memory loss. For some reason, I am disturbed by the fact that Normal aging is not first on the list.

And yes Miss Sze – I do have a hippocampus! You were there, for my fMRI!

  1. source: FDA []