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Cozying up at Cova

The thought of spending S$80 per person for a dinner scares me. Since Wing Tai is so sweet to give me a voucher for a 1-for-1 dinner at Cova1, I had to give it a try. Well it is a birthday celebration after all.

It was 15 to 7pm. We showed up early and were led to the indoor dining area2, much to my relief. The dining experience was nothing short of elegance, flair, and delightful. Every dish was presented as described and as requested. Service staff knows their job, their products, and understand what it means to be serving Cova customers. No surprise that we sat for 3 hours and when we left, we talked about returning for another meal.

Cova @ Paragon

I didn’t take note of the menu – From top left: Whuthering Heights tea; selection of bread; table view; pasta with foie gras; selection of mini tarts; medium-rare steak; asparagus with poached egg; salmon.

For a better review than the above, read ladyironchef and life is 2 mu(n)ch.

Sidenote: Someone should approach the owner. Their website needs a revamp.

  1. Of course, airfare not included. Paragon’s outlet, just []
  2. Technically, the whole cafe is indoors but part of it is straddled in the middle of the mall. []


Always knew that there is a logical explanation to why I snack so much. Pop psychology or not, it is a fun table (developed by Dr Alan Hirsch).

Every description is positive :) Eat your way to a good personality!

Nuts : Easygoing, empathetic, understanding, calm, and have an even-keel nature Potato Chips : Ambitious, successful, a high achiever and impatient with less than the best
Corn Chips : A perfectionist, punctual, conservative, responsible and have high expectations
Twisties or
Cheezels :
Conscientious, principled, proper, fair, plan ahead, love order, have great integrity but can seem rigid
Pretzels : Lively, easily bored with routine, flirtatious, intuitive, may overcommit to projects
Popcorn : Take-charge, pitches in often, modest, self-confident but not a show-off
Crackers : Rational, logical, contemplative, shy, prefers time alone.

Sleep to eat

I am a bore when it comes to food (unlike most Singaporeans e.g. thoughtful Lucy). I eat as I am served, without much cognitive processing.

6 nights in Sydney were stuffed with embarrassing amount of pumpkin soups, salads, smoked salmon sandwiches and just one sleepy night of paella with salsa dancing on the side. I blame it on my inability to sleep every night – it seriously affected my appetite (though I am not any more adventurous when I do get my 8hrs). Even freshly brewed long black tasted bleah.

Good thing the room has a nice view, it makes it less laughable to stare and wait for the time to leave for work.

/ Digressing /

Anyone feels that the disco lights on SQ A380 is a little too much? I felt like I was on the set of Clone Wars.

Late night foodie

I have never been a food person. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy the chewing, digesting, and sometimes the cooking. But I can never differentiate between the very good, decent, and how-dare-they-serve-this.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am intrigued by the creations by a chef who has a seemingly limited vocabulary. It is almost ridiculous that I will stay up to watch his cooking shows when I cannot even stay awake for a conversation in the afternoon. Perhaps it is the draw of unscripted television or the late night sneaks of food that I should not be thinking of at that hour.

Maybe I will cook this weekend. I think I need to replace my jar of Nutella.