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Fragile, memory as green porcelain

Memory fades real quick. Just last week, I could still feel the breeze sweeping across Cottesloe beach. Perhaps it was the cold. As the cough subsides, I begin to wonder if it was just a dejavu. Thankfully, I still managed to piece together parts of the recollection, albeit in reverse order. No human faces simply because.

Note to self: Humming Jay Chou’s Qing Hua Ci can really screw with your thought-process. Such obscure lyrics, such haunting melody.

Reunion in big apple

I paid little attention to the swaying skirt and shiny strappy (can’t afford or locate them anyway). The show grabbed me in the display of overflowing emotions on their enlarged facial pixels. Had never examined their expressions so much before. In fact, do not believe that was ever taken aback by the lack of airbrushing.

Still, when Charlotte held onto Carrie in that Vivienne Westwood, I know this is what it really means. It’s not about the romance. It’s not about the fashion. It’s not about the men.

It’s about not being alone, with your friends holding you.

If you have never watched the TV serial, the movie reunion may propose (no pun intended) several confusing connections. If you have watched the TV serial, it’s like watching 5 episodes in one sitting. A familiar feeling.

And if you don’t already know. It’s Celtics 1. Woot.

Take the leap

A quick google shows that alot of people have their opinions blogged about the local production, The Leap Years. I like this. Anyway I shall not pracrit it further.

Being sentimental (oh yes, it happens), I dated a close friend to watch the move on her birthday yesterday. It was so apt, especially when it’s a movie that almost dedicated itself to a birthdate. I tried very hard to suppress the usual critical self which will be looking for inconsistencies. Yes there are quite a handful for a show that has 100mins to patch the holes. Once I overcame that, I found myself trying to remember the occasional beautiful lines. The literary sparks is perhaps the only saving grace.

To be really honest, the movie is not engaging enough to disable my automatic cinema-seat-rejection mechanism. My fidgeting did not help the poor soul who was crying her eyes out.

So the wind whispers, fallen like your letters
on the beaming kallang river
my faith, teeters.

Make love, be WoWed

Apparently, 9 million people cannot be wrong. I am almost 100% certain that there are more than 9 million people who are not subscribed to the digital magic of the World of Warcraft.

I do have a character in the MMORPG and after moving to level 5 (of 70), I am already developing carpal tunnel syndrome. That is not helping me to be WoWed over. I must admit – the graphics is amazing. The extend of the content is mind-boggling. The coolness of the company’s job positions is enviable! Imagine, you are paid to come up with weird names for each weapon, animal and cloud. Try stringing the names into a sentence, you will know what I mean.

Having said all that, I cannot stop laughing at South Park‘s take1 on Blizzard‘s ricebowl. Crude but witty!

Are you with the online sensation, or do you have a life and not understand a single thing that you’ve just read?

  1. Episode 1008 – Make love, not warcraft []

A picture a day

What have you done to remember the past 6 years? You may have kept a journal (in a nice binded book, on scraps of receipts, online with a visitor tracker or online with a password). You may have used a video camera. You may have taken photographs. How many?

He took one a day from January 11, 2000 to July 31, 2006. He has such sad eyes. Or he is staring too hard into the lens. Listening to the music, I am kinda afraid that the ending may be nasty. Not horror film nasty. But sad nasty. Do not worry. The video may have ended in 2006, he is alive and still doing the same thing everyday. I think the concept is not his own. Does anyone know which movie is it adapted from?

And yes, you’re right. I am entertained.

I cannot even keep track of yesterday. And I love The Simpsons.

Happy holidays everyone. I had a great evening – cooking and force-feeding a family who hates non-Chinese food.

Gilmore girls’ are (more than) alright


On a scale of 0.88 – 2598, how insane would I be if I buy the entire set of Gilmore Girls DVD?

I cannot get over the fact that the girls are no longer speaking fast. When I saw ‘Lorelai’ in Evan Almighty, I was mildly disappointed as she seemed so normal.

My current fav: Season 6 Episode 13 – Friday Night’s Alright For Fighting
“The Huntzbergers told her she wasn’t good enough, and Mitchum told her she didn’t have it.” “He what?!” “Yes, and now she’s dropped out of Yale, but the three of us can knock some sense into her.” “Of course we’ll help you. This is not happening.” “I’ll call Charlie Davenport tomorrow.” “Thank you, guys, so much. Just thank you.” End scene! — Lorelai