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Adapted book covers

Have you stepped into a bookstore recently? There are no originals anymore… well at least there are no books that aren’t made into a motion picture or west end play anymore. Okay, I am exaggerating. But go into a bookstore today and tell me if you don’t see actors/actresses on book covers.

I remember when I lost my copy of Girl, Interrupted. It is of a beautiful blue and grey colour. Then few years later, when the screenplay devastatingly undermined the original novel, now all you see is Ryder’s eyes. It was a sad day.

Original cover of Girl, Interrupted

Maybe I am being traditional. But I like my books without splashes of hollywood. People can buy the actual posters, no?

Remembering The Reader

Traditionally, I am not a fan of book adaptations1. It was 1998, The Reader left a deep impression and I read it several times over simply because. In fact, my first book review was on this novel, back in the days of It sure took Hollywood long enough to make this into another movie.

I have not watched the film but I do like Kate Winslet (most of the times). I am pleased that the performance has been recognised. Very looking forward to the release in Singapore.

The book is somewhere in the stash. Next spring-clean stop!

  1. Girl, Interrupted was butchered []