Day: January 9, 2017

Changing states

Within the confines of 0.25sqm, she taps her feet, swishes her hair, and flicks the wrists in rhythmic glee. With eyes closed, she flashes this smile. The kind of smile you would indulge in yourself or for the select few who are allowed to know your secrets. The kind you would have when you are enjoying the moment.

In the routine of the morning rush, I watch her burn the quiet minutes with purpose and love. 

Some time last year, I found myself watching an old woman. I might have lingered and, very likely, I might have stared. The paragraph was drafted in March. And today, I cannot remember a sliver of that encounter. Re-reading the text, I must have been rather envious.

My life is shifting, in more than one dimension. These feelings of excitement of venturing into little knowns and occasional discomfort are natural. The feelings come from anticipating the change. It comes from imagining the process of transitioning from one state to another. It could comes from the imagination of the end state. It is really just a thought. How bad can a thought hurt you? Well, unless I am jumping into the wrong end of the pool.

Welcome to 2017. The year I give in to the shock of a state change and wait.