My truth

I have not been exceptionally proud of myself lately. I have whined. I have allowed balls to drop deliberately. I have whined more. I have formed biases. I have whined so much more. Quite simply, I am my own Achilles’ heel.

It is my day job to point that out to others that moping is meaningless and only frustrating to the mop. It is my day job to discover solutions that is unknown. As one quickly notices the irony, it is also embarrassing to mention that I have been rolling in bed in self-pity. This is fast becoming very unbecoming.

I don’t have a proper plan, yet, in resolving the situation. It seems like my tactics have only been targeted towards an exit. This is an embarrassing choice. I don’t yield easily, especially when an early exit will only mean a personal defeat. Age is definitely catching up.

The four-day long weekend is forcing me to think. Think. Yes, because this cannot be it.

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  1. meds

    we all put on our best faces when it comes to being professional, but when it comes to ourselves, it’s just so easy to be petulant or lethargic (because I catch myself doing this too). I hope that long weekend helped a little!

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