When are you ever sane?

“When are you ever sane?” She laughed as she slipped the rhetoric so casually. I smiled in response, knowing that it is valid and also in acknowledgment that it is not her first time trying to warn me, so gently.

I smiled because this is my insanity.

Things go on fairly loudly in my head, most of the time. So loud that I have always thought to myself, “Surely they can all hear it; I don’t have to spell it out, they can hear cogs; we are in synced!” Then she reminded me of the analogy that I use all time (on other people) – you can tap a pencil to your favourite tune, no one else ever hear same. The clues are in the eyes. I see them. I just need to learn give in to them. Just stop and explain.

I really want to believe I have a super power.


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