Game of stabbing

We grow up playing games. We cheer when we beat the opponent, we sulk when we miss the killer shot, but we will still grab a chilled drink together afterwards, in good cheer. Sometimes when we lose real badly, we may get that drink a few days later. It was just a game. Still just a game.

Perhaps some people never got the memo. When you grow up and step into the corporate world, the combative gaming stop. Tripping someone in a race towards an imaginary finish line, that is constantly moving anyway, is a showcase of cowardice and you will be drinking alone. No amount of cooling period will change that.

Granted. It is more likely that it was me who didn’t get the memo. The games did not stop. Getting ahead, unlike in school, someone must physically step aside. There is no joint top-scorers.

I get it now but I still can’t live by it.

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