Month: July 2013

Warm air across the ocean

Hope you’re happy and well. Miss you girl.

Almost randomly, a message from the one person who almost always manage a smile out of me with her generosity.

Ever so often, you get a little reminder that someone in the universe cares. Besides the blood related ones, of whom I suspect at times may be more obligated than genuine.

It is London calling. On the back of the Whatsapp technology. Well done.

My so-called social manners

It is the first day of school. The classroom is buzzing with eager chatters as the bright-faced teenagers in fresh uniforms wait for the teacher to arrive.

Two young girls greet and smile. One looks away, as she checks off the socially desirable act. The other chooses to strike up a conversation of the century. Checker politely responses, dotted with monosyllabic words. Having gone through the obligatory list of hobbies, Friendly fishes out a paperback from her bag and says, “Read this. It is very good.”

It is All Around The Town by Mary Higgins Clark. Checker accepts the gesture and starts on the book immediately.

And that’s where a potentially cheesy movie storyline splits into reality – I took that book only to stop the chatting.

Thanks to a five-year age gap, my sister was my source of everything during my formative years. My borrowed reading list at that time consisted of Reader’s Digest and Shakespeare. Regular fiction was not exactly my thing.

We did become good friends for a couple years. And I eventually confessed. She wasn’t offended but unlike me, she didn’t find it too funny. We did not stay in touch after leaving school.

The irony? I loved that book. I went on to read almost every book by that author.