Difficult answer

“How was your flight?”

For the record, I enjoy flying. I like airplane food, even those served in the economy class. I don’t mind the small lavatories and I am still amused by the fact that everything is wrapped in plastic. What I do not like is being asked if I had a good flight. We sit in rows in a metal tube breathing highly compressed air. We get distracted by clouds, inflight movies, bellowing babies, and/or seat inclines. What is there to say about a flight?

When I respond that it is ok, the questioner often sound disappointed (Oh. Just ok?). Why do people do that?

We hit a slight turbulence shortly after reaching cruising level so the hot drinks service was suspended for 10 minutes. My Krisworld entertainment unit worked fine. Did you know they are already showing [the current blockbuster]? I had poached salmon and a warm crab salad, which were very good. Although the pushback was delayed, the captain made up time with strong tailwinds. He also landed the plane very smoothly and in one piece, hardly any bump. Also, no one stole my wallet and laptop and I did not spill anything on myself. I guess that is similar to my last few flight experiences. So yes, it was ok.

This always go through my head and this is probably why I am not the most easy-going person.


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