Day: December 9, 2012

Future of lost and found

For the longest time, I have wanted a ctrl-f function in my life. My real living life. I would be able to activate it each time I misplace something – that pen given to me before I left for UK, the ring for my birthday, the piece of paper where I wrote the email address, the camera, the umbrella, the bracelet, the earphones etc. I want to click/tap/breathe on something that will magically trace and bring me to the lost item.

I may also have watched Minority Report one too many times. Anyway.

Seems like someone out there feels the same pain, or at least know someone who is constantly confused with life’s black hole. At USD49.90, you can now tag your stuff and find it with Bluetooth.

After a user attaches a Stick-N-Find Bluetooth sticker to any object, they can check distance from the object using a smartphone application. In addition, the user can trigger an audible buzzer to hear the sticker as well as turn on a blinking red light housed within the sticker to see the object in the dark.

Of course, I can also learn to be more responsible and careful. Probably not as interesting.

(Credits to @wenjie for pointing it out.)