Welcome to the news, circa 1975

It was 1975. My family had just moved into the current home. Today, we found evidence of that. The oddest feelings washed through the members as we looked into the past through the crumbling, tart pieces of paper.

Lined beneath the flooring, every day, we stand on our history.

Reading from right to left, a refreshing change for the eyes.

In those days, the advertisements were not as fancy. Few photographs, mainly of line art and hand drawn faces. The play with font-type remains unchanged till today.

Wonder how they are now... Maggie and the runner-up.


  1. lucy

    Living in the same place for 35 yrs? Yr family belongs to the rare n probably dying breed of S’poreans that include my sister (in married home since 1973); a cousin (in Serangoon Gdn home since circa 1963)!

  2. .p *

    Oops that’s right, thanks for the catch, Areya.

    Lucy – my folks cannot bring themselves to even entertain the thought of moving out of this place.

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