To champion and inspire @ YOG

I still remember the exhilaration (and occasional disappointment) of being in a competitive sport. Your team mates are not your BFF but the good ones will always root for you. Your coach is not a father figure but he will always be honest. Your competition is not an enemy but the worthy ones will always put your mind to the test.

Perhaps it is that nostalgia that got me so emotional during the opening of the Inaugural Summer Youth Olympics, proudly hosted by Singapore. Granted, we have a tradition of going over the top, sometimes, with the recount of our history. I do believe that some were truly entertained and inspired by the theatrical display of colourful fabric, water splashes, and pyrotechnics. And not to forget the angelic choir who sang the National Anthem.

I may not agree with all the accommodations we have to make for the guests, but I am glad that they are here.

Link to video via @lucian


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