Long term (professional) relationships

I am not known to be big on social norms. Not challenged but my default preference to keep things short makes it tough to keep to a solid group of professional pals. Most of my friends have good (and close) relationships with their service providers. And they seem so well-adjusted, pampered, and understood. Totally envious.

Today I visited one person whom I wish to develop such a long term relationship with. In the past 12 months, I have visited him three times. We don’t really talk. I will sit still while he works the scissors. Few questions and answers will be exchanged and sometimes, we laugh. He blends into my system very well. Think his assistant likes me too. Good sign. All these despite my innate dislike for salons. I am proud of myself.

This is tough work and I have many more to engage and enroll into my life. I admire everyone who works it so effortlessly.


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