For commuters on WinMo: SBS Bus Guide

If you are like me, i.e. does not care about driving, have an unhealthy distaste for cab fares, and using a Windows Mobile phone, you will surely appreciate this nifty little application.

The SBS Bus Guide WinMo app is based on the iPhone’s. And the UI is sweet! It is versatile – you can search by road name, bus number, and bus stop number. You can preset your favourite (or regularly used) bus stops for easy search. You can use GPS to search for nearby stops. Well et cetera. Even though it doesn’t appear to be, it fits WVGA 800×480 beautifully. It does not yet support SMRT routes.

Query & Nearby / pictures from owner

I don’t wish to enter into the debate of mobile phone platforms. Had enough of it for the weekend. I am just pleased that I can be as updated as WiFi/3G takes me.


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