Do you have the proof, Mr H1N1 Vaccine?

I am not an early adopter. I love gadgets, destinations, books, and many other things as much as the fanatics do. However, I also procrastinate. I don’t buy into anything too early. They need to prove themselves first1.

Since the H1N1 outbreak, I have been taking special precautions whenever I travel. Despite the discomfort of surgical masks onboard the flights and the unflattering minty taste of hand sanitizer on my food, I have always refused to be vaccinated. People think I am paranoid. Well, at least I know Areya agrees with me.

Someone is offering a cash reward for anyone who can provide scientific proof that the vaccine does what it claims to do i.e. safe for all and effective in reducing death rate. The rules of validity and reliability of the research work are clearly outlined. In the spirit of supporting human triumph, I shall root for the promoters who are frantically trying to prove to the world. Can you do that in two months?

[Sidetrack] I believe I had caught the H1N1 virus in Beijing, back in October 2009. If you don’t believe me, please ask the Concierge. He can vouch for my pain and suffering from the worst flu I ever had. He was also very pleased when I checked-out of the hotel…

  1. Yes, I am sick this way []


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