40hands on the plain with a milkshake

Now that my morning caffeine intake is taken care of by just a teabag of Lipton, I enjoy rewarding myself with a good cup of delightful coffee on weekends.

Forty Hands and The Plain, quaint1 coffee houses with very different vibes, serve solid beverages and one with a touch of Australian yeast extract. Just based on the coffee quality, they are both revisit-worthy. I like mine creamy and pungent. The guys at 40hands accomplished this perfectly. Though I must admit that I am more drawn to Plain’s seating sensibility and lighting. Shallow, as I am.

Forty Hands - Strong refined latte. Potentially addictive.

The Plain - Though I don't use the sweet, soft brown sugar is a nice touch. Latte is as good as most good coffee places.

The Plain - Soft boiled eggs with vegemite breadsticks. Insane amount of saltiness.

The Plain - Not sure why it's called Dean's breakfast; poached eggs were nicely done but the toast was rather cold.

Then, there was a slight detour to the dairyland of goodness at Once Upon a Milkshake.

Once Upon a Milkshake - Lychee and Mocha gooeyness. Much too goey for me.

  1. read: small establishments with limited seating []


  1. meds

    this looks like a typical post of food pictures from me :P

    I’ve heard of 40 hands, maybe I shd try these two out soon. why is decent brunchfood so indecently priced? :x

  2. lucy

    All those “foam” patterns on top of the coffee remind me of Loving Hut! Sorry, have gone off milk/soy foams for a long time. Now only long, white (oat or rice milk) n flat. A tt’s available only at home.

  3. areya

    Here, the only people who order coffee that already comes with any semblence of milk in it are teenagers/non-EU. Everyone else drinks what the rest of the world outside the continent knows as espresso.

    I miss the kopitiams man…

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