(20) days of refresh

I am Dull Doris. The fruit of socialized dismantlement and commercialized broadcasting. I am the descend of falling lint in the blue vacuum chamber.

Ok. So I cannot write like the guys of Fight Club.


Since the less than eventful trip to the Coronary Care Unit, I have a new sense of moving forth. No more the obsession, no less the curiosity. No more the status-ing, no less the updating. No more the dramatics, no less the polishing. No more the reel, no less real.

Inspired by Julie&Julia, I plan to do 52 things, things which I have not done for at least 5 years. All in 52 weeks. Each week I will try to recapture the light of the yester brilliance. Makes me smile just thinking about it. 1st week’s assignment was simple, relaxing and quite frankly, came as a surprise. I need to catch up on Week 2 and Week 3 soon before I get derailed again. Flight schedule is not playing well with this hobby. Plus, website is not near ready. Why, lazy me.

Before this entry begins to feel more suited for closure, I shall end with my exhilaration for Michael C. Hall’s win at the Globes. I cannot wait for season 4 to return to FX.


  1. medha

    :O we’ve never done that. my heart just skipped a third of a beat.

    hello, you can speak to me on the phone AND meet me! 2 of the 52 things. nice.

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