Month: November 2010

Gushing for Lanvin @ H&M

Sometimes I am surprised by my sense of timing. By chance, landed self in Hong Kong just in time for the launch of Lanvin for H&M.

23rd Nov, Tuesday – work day and the flagship outlet was overwhelmed with well-planned chaos. Started at 0800, colour bracelets were distributed to early birds for a 10-mins grabbing stint. Just 10-mins. For folks who arrived after 1000, like myself, the advice from the loud hailer was – Please join the queue outside the store. Please note that by queuing does not guarantee that you will be able to buy anything. Read: Stock is low.

At 1215, a bunch of well-dressed&groomed persons (perhaps from Lanvin?) started to take apart the pale-skinned mannequins. By 1400, there was no sign of the designer’s footprint in the store. Outside the store, the brave and patient proudly showcased the white lavish paper bags.

Maybe next time, I will be more motivated to join the madness.

Welcome to the news, circa 1975

It was 1975. My family had just moved into the current home. Today, we found evidence of that. The oddest feelings washed through the members as we looked into the past through the crumbling, tart pieces of paper.

Lined beneath the flooring, every day, we stand on our history.

Reading from right to left, a refreshing change for the eyes.

In those days, the advertisements were not as fancy. Few photographs, mainly of line art and hand drawn faces. The play with font-type remains unchanged till today.

Wonder how they are now... Maggie and the runner-up.

40hands on the plain with a milkshake

Now that my morning caffeine intake is taken care of by just a teabag of Lipton, I enjoy rewarding myself with a good cup of delightful coffee on weekends.

Forty Hands and The Plain, quaint1 coffee houses with very different vibes, serve solid beverages and one with a touch of Australian yeast extract. Just based on the coffee quality, they are both revisit-worthy. I like mine creamy and pungent. The guys at 40hands accomplished this perfectly. Though I must admit that I am more drawn to Plain’s seating sensibility and lighting. Shallow, as I am.

Forty Hands - Strong refined latte. Potentially addictive.

The Plain - Though I don't use the sweet, soft brown sugar is a nice touch. Latte is as good as most good coffee places.

The Plain - Soft boiled eggs with vegemite breadsticks. Insane amount of saltiness.

The Plain - Not sure why it's called Dean's breakfast; poached eggs were nicely done but the toast was rather cold.

Then, there was a slight detour to the dairyland of goodness at Once Upon a Milkshake.

Once Upon a Milkshake - Lychee and Mocha gooeyness. Much too goey for me.

  1. read: small establishments with limited seating []