Day: March 9, 2010

I won’t be an alcoholic

I have alcohol flush reaction. After two sips of wine, my neck will be blotching. Soon, the capillaries in my arms, eyes, and face will be fully dilated, my pulse will be racing, and every single pore will exhale alcoholic scent. And that happens after just 1 glass of smooth port.

Now that you know a random fact about me, you can understand why it would upset me when a research claims that women who drink moderately less likely to gain weight. Of course, the research is really linking alcohol intake with food consumption. People who drink more, eat less, and hence lose weight. Hmm. Misleading and convoluting statement aside, I am not pleased that I cannot make use of this piece of research as a reason to indulge in the grape-y drinks.

Cab drivers need to stop asking if I am drunk. I will stick to tap water.