Day: February 23, 2010

Tune to thyself

I cannot get this song out of my head. Most typical of me.

I believe that everyone has a homecity (aka the homescreen where you always return to). It is not necessary the place you grew up in or the town where you’ve worked for most of your adult life. It is the place that you know it is right to reset in.

Many people want to move out of this city. Many people talk down the policies (and politics). Many people question the intentions and doubt the future. I cannot explain why but, in all honesty, I know I want to be here in my final days. This is my New York.

Fraction that DSLR

Those who care would already know about the pros and cons of the Micro Four-Thirds (or affectionately known as M4/3) system. In case you would like to read more, check out this article. Frankly, I only skimmed through the lengthy commentary. I don’t make a good article/book reviewer. If at all, the pictures made me laugh.

The creator of the pictures has since sold/gave away the M4/3. Tsk.