Seasonal flu greeting

It is always a joyful moment when the plane touches down safely. I enjoy seeing the spoilers flapping about. The brisk walk to the immigration checkpoint is often uneventful and something you don’t really register in your head.

But it is afterall the season for flu. With the alert on H1N1, it won’t be an overseas trip if there is no heightened health checks. I was actually surprised not to see masked super-serious-officers behind the desks. It is one thing to scrutinise the declaration forms, it is another to ask passengers to queue amongst hundreds of people in an overcrowded and poorly ventilated area for 45mins. It cannot be healthy. If the carrier sneezes carelessly, it would be santa-in-disneyland for the virus!

Plus it does not help when you overhear, “Have we sent the 2 persons to the hospital?”


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