Dressing up the X1

Warning: Long geek post ahead.

Since the much needed purchase1 of the Xperia a month ago, customisation becomes an interesting pastime.

It is my virgin experience with a WinMo phone. I must have spent 70% of my internet bandwidth on XDA and have a serious love-hate relationship with the developers. On one hand, you want to try everything. On the other, you don’t really understand all the steps and are mildly paranoid about conflicts, if any.

Anyway. My X1 is almost fully dressed (or rather, I am getting tired). In alpha order.

1. AvantGo2
2. Batti
3. Facebook panel3
4. FDCSoft Task Manager
5. HandyShopper
6. HTC HD Dialer
7. HTC HD Keyboard
8. HTC HD TouchFlo3D
9. HTC HD TouchFlo3D panel
10. KeePass
11. MSS Converter
12. MyMobiler
13. SPB BackUp
14. SPB MobileShell
15. XperiaTweak

What’s missing. If you have any recommendations, shout.
1. Twitter. TwitToday looks promising.
2. WordPress. I have installed the WPhone plugin but would much prefer for a WinMo app.
3. Expense management. I have tried so many.
4. Flash plugin for web browsing. For some reason, youtube works but regular websites don’t.
5. Bodyguardz for X1. Not an app but hey, it is equally important.

Yeap, no GPS software at all. I am pretty satisfied with Google Maps.

The phone took it first dive today. It was a very sad moment.

  1. In case you are sniggering, I almost suffocated in Seoul without a 3G phone. Yes it is a need-buy! []
  2. For some reason, screen scrolling does not work. []
  3. Panels are exclusive to X1 at the moment. Not a regular WinMo app []


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