Cozying up at Cova

The thought of spending S$80 per person for a dinner scares me. Since Wing Tai is so sweet to give me a voucher for a 1-for-1 dinner at Cova1, I had to give it a try. Well it is a birthday celebration after all.

It was 15 to 7pm. We showed up early and were led to the indoor dining area2, much to my relief. The dining experience was nothing short of elegance, flair, and delightful. Every dish was presented as described and as requested. Service staff knows their job, their products, and understand what it means to be serving Cova customers. No surprise that we sat for 3 hours and when we left, we talked about returning for another meal.

Cova @ Paragon

I didn’t take note of the menu – From top left: Whuthering Heights tea; selection of bread; table view; pasta with foie gras; selection of mini tarts; medium-rare steak; asparagus with poached egg; salmon.

For a better review than the above, read ladyironchef and life is 2 mu(n)ch.

Sidenote: Someone should approach the owner. Their website needs a revamp.

  1. Of course, airfare not included. Paragon’s outlet, just []
  2. Technically, the whole cafe is indoors but part of it is straddled in the middle of the mall. []

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