Caught by the sound

How many pictures have you taken with your phone-camera during this holiday season? And did you or your subjects find the shutter sound annoying and you have since turned it off?

It may soon be impossible to do so in the US. A new bill to require mobile phones containing digital cameras to make a sound when a photograph is taken has been proposed.

I can see where the sponsor is coming from. I can almost understand the need to safeguard privacy. But seriously. If some weird person wishes to take unauthorised pictures, this shutter thing will not be his or her biggest hurdle.

Dubbed as the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act, how I see it – it should have a function that screams upon the shutter-click, “Your picture has just been captured by [fill in cellphone number]. Contact the police if you do not authorise this act.” Now, that will be an alert.


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