Month: August 2009

Only musselicious

I am not a food critic. In fact, I don’t have much opinion on food. So long it is not stale or too spicy, it will pass in my taste. This lengthy disclaimer is really to highlight the unreliability of my gastro-reviews. So I don’t know why I bother.

We were getting tired on a friday night. KPO was overwhelmed with Lexus, Bimmers and frankly slack-looking valets. So we turned around and went back to Orchard Central. As Garuda has not a single floor tile in place, we decided to dine in The Mussels Guys. Best of all, there is a 1-for-1 promotion on their mussel dishes.

Decor is decent. Servers are flexible and sensitive to needs, though the slip into Mandarin kinda threw us off.

The Mussels Guys @ Orchard Central

Their signature dish, Spicy Mussels, does impress (top picture). Served hot with just the right amount of spiciness. Gratifying with a zing that keeps you going at it. The seafood is fresh and deserves to be highly recommended.

Now onto the second mussel dish, Baked half-Mussels. It was lukewarm when served. Not ideal and hence must be eaten immediately. Let it sit for 20mins and you don’t want to taste the cold cheese anymore. And oh, you won’t be able to tell that there is a spicy sambal chilli in it, as the menu states.

Well, since it is the “Mussels Guys”, don’t expect too much on the non-mussels stuff. The spicy seafood raised the bar way high for the other mains and sides. Mushroom soup has chunky mushrooms but something tells me it is from the can. Chicken with wild mushroom sauce is referred to as chicken rice. For chicken rice, it is decent but not with wild mushrooms, for sure.

At ~S$60 for two persons, it will have me as a returning customer. Just for the mussels this time.

Shell out for SPB

Just when you think you cannot get more out of Xperia X1, hops along SPB Mobile Shell 3! It is in Korean but if you remove the Korean customisation (see thread page 2), the English version will be in force.

Widgets are not my thing1. SPB shell has always been decent in usability. This time, it gives a lifestyle spin to the UI using the widget concept in the main screens. The carousel view looks like HTC TouchFlo. If you are a fan of that famous UI, you should enjoy SPB’s latest too. On first launch, it is tad slow (~9s) but subsequently launches are smooth as butter.

Oh I finally loaded the growing panel. Cool application/panel but not useful. Excellent for showing what X1 can do but definitely not for daily use.

  1. I cannot even bring myself to load widgets on my new MBP []

Alloy twinkle in my eye

In my world, vanity and technology like to hold hands. They skip down the shopping mall and giggle as the transaction machine goes “ka-ching”!

Though it has been years in the making, the transition is not what I have imagined it to be. I am still paranoid about ruining it with coffee or flying bugs. Ah well that’s me.

Back to customising the new tech baby – Apple MacBook Pro. Yeah.