Take the leap

A quick google shows that alot of people have their opinions blogged about the local production, The Leap Years. I like this. Anyway I shall not pracrit it further.

Being sentimental (oh yes, it happens), I dated a close friend to watch the move on her birthday yesterday. It was so apt, especially when it’s a movie that almost dedicated itself to a birthdate. I tried very hard to suppress the usual critical self which will be looking for inconsistencies. Yes there are quite a handful for a show that has 100mins to patch the holes. Once I overcame that, I found myself trying to remember the occasional beautiful lines. The literary sparks is perhaps the only saving grace.

To be really honest, the movie is not engaging enough to disable my automatic cinema-seat-rejection mechanism. My fidgeting did not help the poor soul who was crying her eyes out.

So the wind whispers, fallen like your letters
on the beaming kallang river
my faith, teeters.


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