Sleep to eat

I am a bore when it comes to food (unlike most Singaporeans e.g. thoughtful Lucy). I eat as I am served, without much cognitive processing.

6 nights in Sydney were stuffed with embarrassing amount of pumpkin soups, salads, smoked salmon sandwiches and just one sleepy night of paella with salsa dancing on the side. I blame it on my inability to sleep every night – it seriously affected my appetite (though I am not any more adventurous when I do get my 8hrs). Even freshly brewed long black tasted bleah.

Good thing the room has a nice view, it makes it less laughable to stare and wait for the time to leave for work.

/ Digressing /

Anyone feels that the disco lights on SQ A380 is a little too much? I felt like I was on the set of Clone Wars.

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