Seeing nano black

Don’t judge me. I needed to save my 2008. It started with a broken ipod (plus external hdd), broken mobile phone, and a head of frustrating permed hair. What is a girl to do?


Like what a rational person would do, I shopped. The iPod nano black is so tiny. It is very likely be bent out of shape during the honeymoon bliss. It’s rather sad that I have just 5 albums to sync. I am that boring.

Wish (PRODUCT)RED is available in Singapore though. If you know that it is and it still is, don’t tell me. Thanks.

Now what phone should I get?


  1. Joan

    Heya, I thought we could buy the red stuff here, but only online?

    The iPhone’s coming to Singapore. I think within the first quarter. :)

    Sorry to hear about your stuff.

  2. areya

    iPhone’s permanently locked to a network – try unlocking it and you risk bricking it. Viewty’s camera is so laggy i wanna throw it out the window.

    Armani phone the answer?

    Happy New Year :)

  3. .pei *

    Armani phone? I would prefer the suit heh. As for iPhone, I don’t feel secure about a phone with a battery I cannot control.

    Going to settle for my old but trusty Siemens. Good times.

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