Pick the best seat

I’m obsessed with airline seating. Not that I enjoy arranging people. I enjoy selecting my seats via the online system. The thrill is to secure a seat with an empty one next to you.

For those who are secretly like me, have fun checking out the good, bad, and ugly ones. Only drawback of the site – does not tell you when you will find yourself sitting next to someone who, at 39,000ft, will decide that she absolutely has to make a phone call via her motorola razor. And when she fails to connect, she proceeds with text messaging.

Do you know the wing area is the strongest, hence making it safest to be at, but it is also where the fuel is stored? Irony rules.


  1. areya

    All subjective lah. They say the front has good legroom, but they don’t mention the screaming kids/babies cos they have to be at the front. That and seat layouts are different from different planes and airlines.

    My opinion if you can’t afford seats better than coach/economy: if you’re on a 747 long haul, sit in the window seats towards the back: only two seaters so more room if you’re next to the window. That and you’re close to the rear toilets.

  2. .pei *

    I know alot of people like the 2-seaters at the back. But I really don’t like it. I tried it once and that’s it. Too much space and so insecure. I even feel that way about business class. Eh.

  3. med

    I love love love love seat choosing and airplane food. Kick me! And I tried flying back with the last window seat pairing areya’s talking about and it was an empty flight but when it’s a night flight, maybe an empty 3 seater would be best to sleep :p But I agree with her reasons because that’s why I chose that seat :D

  4. areya

    I only like the food on Cathay if in economy. Otherwise SIA is generally crap. Unless of course you’re in Raffles class and above (highly recommended on long haul if you have enough airmiles/money) ^^

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