Make love, be WoWed

Apparently, 9 million people cannot be wrong. I am almost 100% certain that there are more than 9 million people who are not subscribed to the digital magic of the World of Warcraft.

I do have a character in the MMORPG and after moving to level 5 (of 70), I am already developing carpal tunnel syndrome. That is not helping me to be WoWed over. I must admit – the graphics is amazing. The extend of the content is mind-boggling. The coolness of the company’s job positions is enviable! Imagine, you are paid to come up with weird names for each weapon, animal and cloud. Try stringing the names into a sentence, you will know what I mean.

Having said all that, I cannot stop laughing at South Park‘s take1 on Blizzard‘s ricebowl. Crude but witty!

Are you with the online sensation, or do you have a life and not understand a single thing that you’ve just read?

  1. Episode 1008 – Make love, not warcraft []


  1. Joan

    I didn’t understand it. But it’s not because I have a life. It is precisely because I have no life that I have no idea what you were talking about. :)

    Then again, these things never interest me.

  2. xena

    Hey, watch who you pointing at :-P

    Yeah, I absolutely love the SP spoof of WoW. So damn funny.

    And yeah, I”m still up to my eyes WoWing :-D

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