Grey’s anatomy

If you’ve been in the online scene long enough, you will know Noah Grey, of greymatter fame. I still remember the interface (read: geek-at-heart) and the pain of installation and customisation.

Reason why I am bringing this up – not random – for some reason, I surfed into his website. His sister had just passed away and the husband, a year ago. Even though I don’t know him personally, there is a gentle wave of sadness. Maybe it’s the age thing. As you get older, you get more sentimental.

“And still hates the word ‘blog’.”. Hear hear.

It’s amazing to feel the tug in the chest again. It’s like contorting your feet into a pair of torturous boots, just to regain the feel of your toes.


  1. Joan

    That’s really sad. GM was the first blogging tool I used. It was simple enough to install and understand, although a bit buggy. I am struggling hard to understand the CMS of today!

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