Clean up the bias

This week, I have preached to alot of people to keep an open mind. What an irony.

Like most people (even if they deny it), I do not fancy the mannerisms of the Chinese road users. I used to take more than 20mins to cross 2 streets. I hang on to the seat belt with both hands because it cannot be fastened. Cab drivers in China will actually make one miss our Comfort cabbies. 2 days ago, on my 7th visit, I was told off by a cab driver for boarding his cab. He had just turned in to drop off a hotel guest. Apparently if you are in the hotel taxi stand, you should only take cabs that are in the queue. To my defense, I was ushered into the error by the hotel staff. With a sigh, “It is not right. They have been waiting.” His eyes were still on the queue behind us. I felt an instant guilt and surprisingly proud of him. Shanghai has always been my favourite city in China, it is just getting better.

2 blocks later, he came so close to a car in the next lane that I could actually count the number of fries in the lady’s lap.

Sidetrack – The whole Beijing city smells of antiseptic solution. Taking ‘cleaning up’ a little too far?


  1. Lucy

    Pei, we S’poreans are sometimes too biased against the Chinese in/from China. Like you, I found some taxi drivers in SHG a refreshingly decent bunch. Once after agreeing to a driver going a different route (fm one that I normally take and which is the normal route from Xiangyang to Huaihai Lu) becos of the jams, I remarked, slightly peeved that we were only two intersections away fm Xiangyang after 10 mins. The driver apologised profusely and said I was to pay him what I wld normally pay, despite the de-tour. I told him it was all right. yet when we arrived at my destination, he insisted on taking the standard fare and not one yuan more. In S’pore, taxi drivers have taken de-tours to avoid jams but when they turn out not to be such time savers after all, they still charge me exactly what’s on the meter, never mind if its 20/25% more.

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