Day: September 17, 2008

t 4 3, and another round for all

If you are a jewelery-buff, and you enjoy the fact that you are not wearing a T-mesh ring like the rest of the world, you should check out t 4 3.

I mean, I am not especially style-sensitive (note: it does not mean I am a slob). Being a known klutz, I am not naturally drawn to jewelery as an accessory. I can appreciate the intricate work and frankly, the threesome, Serene Nana Shufen, has quite a collection. The latest Love is… collection is rather wearable, even for someone like me! One of the necklaces remind me so much of the piece I broke during a New Year’s party. It was a gift and it still bothers me that I cannot find a similar replacement. My only concern now is, will I break it again?

In case you are also a facebook person, their page is here, if the link works.