Day: September 6, 2008


Always knew that there is a logical explanation to why I snack so much. Pop psychology or not, it is a fun table (developed by Dr Alan Hirsch).

Every description is positive :) Eat your way to a good personality!

Nuts : Easygoing, empathetic, understanding, calm, and have an even-keel nature Potato Chips : Ambitious, successful, a high achiever and impatient with less than the best
Corn Chips : A perfectionist, punctual, conservative, responsible and have high expectations
Twisties or
Cheezels :
Conscientious, principled, proper, fair, plan ahead, love order, have great integrity but can seem rigid
Pretzels : Lively, easily bored with routine, flirtatious, intuitive, may overcommit to projects
Popcorn : Take-charge, pitches in often, modest, self-confident but not a show-off
Crackers : Rational, logical, contemplative, shy, prefers time alone.