Month: September 2008

Want, or cannot?

In lieu of physical attendance, a care package was sent today to stand in for my well wishes across the many oceans which-I-cannot-name-as-my-geography-sucks-and-I-don’t-want-to-google to the bride-to-be. It is a lousy feeling knowing that a roll of ribbon and hyperglitter wrapping paper are going to take my place.

John spoke about streamlined-friendship over the net. Does the same experience apply when offline relationships goes on the internet highway? When it happens, do people stay that way simply because “they can no longer make it” for the in-the-flesh events anymore?

I will go write in my journal now.

t 4 3, and another round for all

If you are a jewelery-buff, and you enjoy the fact that you are not wearing a T-mesh ring like the rest of the world, you should check out t 4 3.

I mean, I am not especially style-sensitive (note: it does not mean I am a slob). Being a known klutz, I am not naturally drawn to jewelery as an accessory. I can appreciate the intricate work and frankly, the threesome, Serene Nana Shufen, has quite a collection. The latest Love is… collection is rather wearable, even for someone like me! One of the necklaces remind me so much of the piece I broke during a New Year’s party. It was a gift and it still bothers me that I cannot find a similar replacement. My only concern now is, will I break it again?

In case you are also a facebook person, their page is here, if the link works.


Always knew that there is a logical explanation to why I snack so much. Pop psychology or not, it is a fun table (developed by Dr Alan Hirsch).

Every description is positive :) Eat your way to a good personality!

Nuts : Easygoing, empathetic, understanding, calm, and have an even-keel nature Potato Chips : Ambitious, successful, a high achiever and impatient with less than the best
Corn Chips : A perfectionist, punctual, conservative, responsible and have high expectations
Twisties or
Cheezels :
Conscientious, principled, proper, fair, plan ahead, love order, have great integrity but can seem rigid
Pretzels : Lively, easily bored with routine, flirtatious, intuitive, may overcommit to projects
Popcorn : Take-charge, pitches in often, modest, self-confident but not a show-off
Crackers : Rational, logical, contemplative, shy, prefers time alone.