Month: June 2008

Good break, good memories

This is exhausting. No more red eye. No more! You would think one will learn. Sigh, will definitely have to sleep in tomorrow.

Fortunately the pictures and videos are fantastic, though am disappointed that I had succumbed to laziness and did not take more.

Miss the fresh air, the spectacular views, the blue blue sky and most importantly, the company. Thanks guys, like it or not, will be back.

Goodbye and have a good rest

People say the internet does not breed real and lasting relationships.

She passed away yesterday, suddenly. We have never met but yet I distinctly felt my heart sink. The shock rippled through, especially amongst the old-timers. It is not her young age, it is not her impending graduation, it is not her unfulfilled travel wish. It is just because she was a familiar person whom we have grown to recognise and trust for the past few years.

Adieus, H. It is no longer ugly.

Reunion in big apple

I paid little attention to the swaying skirt and shiny strappy (can’t afford or locate them anyway). The show grabbed me in the display of overflowing emotions on their enlarged facial pixels. Had never examined their expressions so much before. In fact, do not believe that was ever taken aback by the lack of airbrushing.

Still, when Charlotte held onto Carrie in that Vivienne Westwood, I know this is what it really means. It’s not about the romance. It’s not about the fashion. It’s not about the men.

It’s about not being alone, with your friends holding you.

If you have never watched the TV serial, the movie reunion may propose (no pun intended) several confusing connections. If you have watched the TV serial, it’s like watching 5 episodes in one sitting. A familiar feeling.

And if you don’t already know. It’s Celtics 1. Woot.