Month: January 2008

Late night foodie

I have never been a food person. Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy the chewing, digesting, and sometimes the cooking. But I can never differentiate between the very good, decent, and how-dare-they-serve-this.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am intrigued by the creations by a chef who has a seemingly limited vocabulary. It is almost ridiculous that I will stay up to watch his cooking shows when I cannot even stay awake for a conversation in the afternoon. Perhaps it is the draw of unscripted television or the late night sneaks of food that I should not be thinking of at that hour.

Maybe I will cook this weekend. I think I need to replace my jar of Nutella.

Grey’s anatomy

If you’ve been in the online scene long enough, you will know Noah Grey, of greymatter fame. I still remember the interface (read: geek-at-heart) and the pain of installation and customisation.

Reason why I am bringing this up – not random – for some reason, I surfed into his website. His sister had just passed away and the husband, a year ago. Even though I don’t know him personally, there is a gentle wave of sadness. Maybe it’s the age thing. As you get older, you get more sentimental.

“And still hates the word ‘blog’.”. Hear hear.

It’s amazing to feel the tug in the chest again. It’s like contorting your feet into a pair of torturous boots, just to regain the feel of your toes.

Seeing nano black

Don’t judge me. I needed to save my 2008. It started with a broken ipod (plus external hdd), broken mobile phone, and a head of frustrating permed hair. What is a girl to do?


Like what a rational person would do, I shopped. The iPod nano black is so tiny. It is very likely be bent out of shape during the honeymoon bliss. It’s rather sad that I have just 5 albums to sync. I am that boring.

Wish (PRODUCT)RED is available in Singapore though. If you know that it is and it still is, don’t tell me. Thanks.

Now what phone should I get?

Make love, be WoWed

Apparently, 9 million people cannot be wrong. I am almost 100% certain that there are more than 9 million people who are not subscribed to the digital magic of the World of Warcraft.

I do have a character in the MMORPG and after moving to level 5 (of 70), I am already developing carpal tunnel syndrome. That is not helping me to be WoWed over. I must admit – the graphics is amazing. The extend of the content is mind-boggling. The coolness of the company’s job positions is enviable! Imagine, you are paid to come up with weird names for each weapon, animal and cloud. Try stringing the names into a sentence, you will know what I mean.

Having said all that, I cannot stop laughing at South Park‘s take1 on Blizzard‘s ricebowl. Crude but witty!

Are you with the online sensation, or do you have a life and not understand a single thing that you’ve just read?

  1. Episode 1008 – Make love, not warcraft []